Benefits of being a member

Membership of the Cornwall Independent Dental Practioners carries a number of benefits for both your practice and you as an individual.

Our core raison d'etre is to make high quality post graduate education easily accessible to our members, and we achieve this by holding regular events with nationally and internationally renowned experts in both the clinical and business aspects of dentistry.

Members get half price tickets to any of our events throughout the year enabling huge savings for attending multiple events.

All our members are listed in the public section of the website, which means they are easy to find online by prospective patients who want to join a new practice.  The CIPD's commitment to quality dental care gives prospective patients extra reassurance when deciding which practice is best suited to their needs.

There is also the social aspect of being a CIPD member.  We are here to offer support and encouragement to each other, and our events give us all a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and spend a few hours boosting our dental knowledge while also having fun.

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